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Stealth XG Welding & Grinding Air Fed PAPR System

The Stealth-XG Welding & Grinding PAPR system is a great value air fed helmet and blower unit, with a perfect optical rating.

  • Perfect auto darkening helmet filter optical classification of 1/1/1/1
  • 3 speed variable air flow settings
  • True colour view
  • TH3 inward leakage protection (Best classification of air fed systems)
  • Flip up the front welding lense to provide a large grinding visor
XG Auto Darkening Helmet

The Stealth-XG air fed welding and grinding system comes complete with an auto darkening helmet and blower unit, filters and battery included, all to be stored in a stylish carrying bag. The blower unit sucks in air, filters it using replaceable, disposable filters and blows clean air over the welders head and onto their face. This wafting of air provides a positive air flow ensuring that welding fumes and grinding dust do not enter the mask. A flip up welding screen is great for grinding but also fitting up and measuring.  Simply flip up the screen rather than keep taking the helmet off and on between welds. Helmet Features:

  • All-round head protection
  • Lightweight, ergonomic design with high impact resistance material
  • Flip up with large clear view for grinding/cutting
  • Fast and easy switch between Grinding and Welding
  • Simple in/out structure for convenient replacement of external cover lens
  • Multi-featured interface menu provides easy and quick ADF setting
  • Environmentally friendly rechargeable Li-ion battery design
  • No battery replacement needed
  • Lightweight, slim compact design to reduce fatigue and increase comfort
  • The ADF is 27% thinner and 20% lighter
  • Unprecedented true colour technology provides a true visual world
  • Comes with a carrying bag

Technical Specifications - SWP Stealth-XG Welding & Grinding Helmet CE Classification 1/1/1/1 True colour Yes View Size 100 x 60mm Arc Sensor 4 Shade Range 4/5-9/9-13 Delay Range 0.1-0.9s Shade number of POWER OFF state 3.6# Power On/Off Fully Automatic Adjustment Mode Wireless remote control Switching Time 0.08ms Grinding Function Yes Cutting Function Shade 5#-8# adjustable Low Battery Indicator Yes Low Amperage TIG Rated 3A Power Supply Solar cell, Li-ion rechargeable Certification CE, ANSI, CSA, AS/NZS Display OLED Mode Setting Press and Turn Short Press (<1s) Shade g Sensitivity g Delay Time Long Press (>1s) Welding g Grinding g Cutting Power Supply Li-ion rechargeable Battery Chargeable time >500 times We also supply Spares for the Helmet - please contact us for details.