GYS MonoGYS 200-2CS Semi-Synergic MIG Welder With Accessories

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Features - 
The MonoGYS range of welders from GYS are featured packed workshop style semi-synergic MIG welders.
Features include - 
  1. Semi-Synergic Interface - Simply program the machine which material you are welding & which diameter wire you are using, you then put your wire feed speed to the ‘Optimal’ position and utilise the chart to put your voltage setting to the correct position based on the thickness of material being welded.
  2. Synergic programmes for mild steel & stainless steel up to 6MM+
  3. 15KG (300MM) wire reel capacity
  4. Capacitors - Rectified current smoothed by capacitors which allows for significantly reduced spatter.
  5. 2T, Spot Weld (Plug Welding) & Delay (Spot welding with time adjustment between 2 stops)
Industry Usability - 
Maintenance Department, Agricultural Repair, Automotive Repair & General Fabrication
Build Quality & Country of Origin - 
GYS are top quality French manufacturer of Welding machines, Plasma Cutters, Battery Chargers & Automotive Repair Equipment.
GYS produce industry quality, feature packed machines with brilliant reliability in all industries, at the same time offering outstanding value for money.
Their prices aren’t inflated based on their name. They’re here to offer brilliant machines at a brilliant price and they achieve it brilliantly.
Torch - 
GYS’ MIG welders are supplied with Genuine Binzel MIG torches from Germany. They don’t scrimp on the accessories!
The GYS MonoGYS 200-2CS comes with an MB15 which is 3 Metres in length. This is upgradeable if need be, just talk to one of our sales advisors!
Technical Specifications - 
  1. Input Supply (Voltage & Amps) - 240V 16A
  2. Amp Range - 30A - 200A
  3. Duty Cycle - 15% @ 200A / 40C
  4. Generator Friendly? (kVA) - Yes / 7.5kVA
  5. Wire Feed - 2 Roll
  6. Weldable Materials - Mild Steel & Stainless Steel
  7. Weight & Dimensions - 70KG / 470MM X 770MM X 790MM
  8. Voltage Steps - Semi-Synergic Control with 6 Voltage Steps
  9. Wire Reel Capacity - 5KG (200MM) & 15KG (300MM)